Letting nature guide us towards a holistic lifestyle

Although nature and her healing powers had been known and revered for thousands of years in various parts of the “old” world, they never even entered my consciousness for almost the first 30 years of my life.

I grew up in Mumbai, India. India is the home of Ayurveda, but my parents, like most of their generation, had come to believe that medicine, not therapies derived from nature, held the answer to all physical challenges. My father practiced yoga and followed Ayurveda, but minimally, and only as an adjunct to all the medications he was taking. I paid scant attention.

I caught many colds, which often led to bronchitis and asthma - and usually received daily penicillin shots for about a week. Natural remedies were never even considered.

At the age of 19, I reacted severely, almost fatally, to a penicillin shot - and I was told to avoid penicillin for ever. I learned that medications have serious side effects.

In Virginia in the 1970s, I was placed on steroids for skin allergies. They became less and less effective, even as the doses were increased. On a visit to India, somewhat skeptically, I tried Ayurvedic herbal treatments, with immediate results. Without the horrible bloat and other side effects, I felt like a new person!

Holistic, herbal, and natural therapies soon became my primary lifestyle choice.

I received shipments of herbs from India every few months. There were no natural products or nutritional stores or websites in those days.

In the early 1990s, we joined a network marketing company with many nutritional and natural supplements - and I became an eager student.

Although I am no longer with that particular company, holistic nutrition and natural therapies are still a passion. I use it for my family and myself - and even for my pets, with amazing results.

Am I totally opposed to science and medicine? Absolutely not.

The marvels of medicine include sophisticated diagnosis, urgent care, trauma care, and surgery. But perhaps, with proper nutrition and natural lifestyle choices, the need for such critical care may be minimized.

It is interesting that the ancient Sanskrit word for both medicine and food was aushadham - from the root oshadhi, which means “food.” This sentiment was echoed much later by Hippocrates when he said “Let food be thy medicine.”

I read recently that you teach what you choose to learn.

Please join me as we let nature lead the way.


The ideas expressed in this website are based on my own opinions and experiences. I am not a medical professional - I just have a deep appreciation for the generosity and wisdom of nature. If this information interests you, please check the links that have been provided, do some further research, and form your personal opinions about these topics. If you wish to communicate with me, I would welcome that. Please read the disclaimer for more detailed information.

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